Adult SARF/ECMO Pathway

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Hospital to Home Service

‘Hospital to Home’ supports patients and professionals through the provision of joined up clinical care pathways. Our service includes:

• expert clinical advice
• welfare and housing support
• bespoke education and training programmes
• web based care pathways

The ECMO pathway supports healthcare professionals to capture key clinical information about their patient which can then be immediately shared with colleagues across multiple sites within the NHS. For example, a doctor in a referral centre can add clinical information at the bedside which will be immediately accessible to the doctor in the ECMO centre. These two professionals can view exactly the same information hosted securely on a shared platform, whilst having a consultation about the best treatment plan for that individual patient.  If the patient is transferred to an ECMO centre the pathway will continue to be accessible, and the platform can be used to share information in readiness for return to the local area.